This article is about a/an monster in Genseishin Justirisers.

Gillmond (ギルモンド Girumondo?, 17-18) is the first of the Death Commandos to be sent to Earth and armed with the Double Saber with his trademark attack Death Cross Break, the arrogant Gillmond is assigned the task of snuffing out the Justirisers. Gillmond battles Glen, leaving the fight after analyzing the Justiriser's attacks with the crystal on his forehead. By the time Gillmond returns, he uses Tooru to force Shouta to throw away his In-Loader to get some fun out of him. But Tooru manages to give Shouta his In-Loader as Glen fights before the other Justiricers arrive to aid their teammate. But when Gillmond counter's Glen's Burning Flame, Gant fires at Gillmond, cracking his crystal and taking out his left eye. Now getting nervous, Gillmond battles Kageri and Gant at Hachimon Temple. Glen arrives in time and uses his nearly mastered Flash Blazer to kill Gillmond.