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Gou Kamiya
Gender: Male
Show: Chouseishin Gransazer
Color: Gold
Homeworld: Earth
First Appearance:
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Actor: Soji Masaki
Sazer Tragos

Gou Kamiya (神谷 豪 Kamiya Gō?) is Sazer-Tragos (セイザートラゴス Seizā Toragosu?) of the Earth Tribe.


Gou Kamiya is a serious, dedicated and faithful policeman with a strong sense of justice who made his first encounter with the Sazer-powers while chasing a criminal, who was also a friend of Ran. After his policeman partner was taken out of commission and the criminal took his gun, Gou transformed for the first time. He immediately allied with the Flame Tribe and fought some duels with Dail. Within him, there is also a kind and honest side which came out when he was debating with Naoto on duty. He fell in love with scientist Aya Stacy.


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Sazer Tragos

With his Knuckle Riser, Gou transforms into Sazer-Tragos, the ground warrior under the sign of Capricorn whose armor is shaped after a goat in an orange-yellow color.