A mercenary working for Neo Descal, Jackall (ジャッカル Jakkaru?) uses his position to get revenge on Commander Shark. He believes that Shark, his one-time friend, betrayed him by leaving him behind in cold stasis, when in truth Shark had to do that to protect him from Neo Descal's wrath.

He possesses powers similar to that of Sazer-X, and is able to equip a high-powered suit of armor with the transformation call "Souchaku!" ("Equip!"). Despite working as part of Neo-Descal, he frequently disobeys orders in his quest for vengeance. He keeps losing against Shark but refuses to give up no matter how beaten up he is. He eventually dies from these prolonged injuries right in the middle of a battle, showing Blaird the futility of his strife and the consequences of hatred.