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Naoto Matsuzaka
Gender: Male
Show: Chouseishin Gransazer
Color: Yellow
Homeworld: Earth
First Appearance:
Last Full Appearance:
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Actor: Tomohide Takahara
Sazer Tawlon

Naoto Matsuzaka (松坂 直人 Matsuzaka Naoto?) is Sazer-Tawlon (セイザータウロン Seizā Tauron?) and leader of the Earth Tribe.


Naoto Matsuzaka was once a famous and highly-prized artist who is now mostly retired from the spotlight, going back to teaching young talents the ways of self-defense. Often he is not to be found, because Naoto constantly seeks to become stronger and better, not just independently but in total isolation, despite the fact that he already is a powerhouse. He would never give up, no matter how bad the odds are for him.

Genseishin Justirisers

Sazer X The Movie: Fight! Star Soldiers!


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Sazer Tawlon

With his Knuckle Riser, Naoto transforms into Sazer-Tawlon, the ground warrior under the sign of Taurus, with armor shaped after a bull in yellow color.